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ADAS Calibration Services in Bangor

Any Vehicle, Any Repair, At Bangor Auto Service, We're Here For You

Bangor Auto Services

Quality Auto Repair and Specialist ADAS Calibration services

At Bangor Auto Service, we aim to prevent problems before they happen. We use the latest vehicle diagnostic technologies and the highest quality parts for servicing and repairs. Whatever you need, we have the skills to do it right.

Car Dashboard Screen

Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) Calibrations

The futuristic technology that could save your life.

Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) are fitted in most modern-day cars. The beauty of ADAS is that they are designed to save lives by alerting the driver of the car to a hazard or by taking action to prevent a collision with another car or even a person. Many different Advanced Driver Assist Systems are now used by a lot of major vehicle manufacturers so that means if your car is more than 5 years old, it is likely not equipped with this safety feature. Let Bangor Auto Services help you in to become safer in your vehicle. Get in touch to book an appointment today or check out our auto-electric services or air conditioning services now.


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If you are looking for ADAS calibration services Bangor, Bangor Auto Services are the ones you have been looking for. Please note, we aim to respond to all email or form enquires within a 48-hour period. If your request is urgent, please give us a call on the number below.

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