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Car Air Conditioning Services in Bangor

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Bangor Auto Services

Quality Auto Repair and Car Air Conditioning Experts

At Bangor Auto Service, we have a team of engineers and mechanics that not only specialise in engine diagnostics and electrical repairs for vehicles, we also provide a range of vehicle air conditioning services. Whether you need your car's air-con servicing or you need air conditioning repairs or replacements, get in touch with our team.

AC Repair

Vehicle Air Conditioning


It is always recommended that you have your air-conditioning serviced regularly to ensure that the system is running at maximum efficiency. A lot of the time, people use their air conditioning system in hotter weathers (summer months), but air conditioning is also useful in the wintertime to help de-mist any windows and circulate warm air throughout the car. Therefore, it is important to ensure the air conditioning of your car or van is always working. One of our professional and trained technicians will drain and re-fill the air conditioning unit and carry out the finer detailed inspection to ensure your air conditioning performs at its best. Contact us to book your vehicle in or take a look at the ADAS calibrations we offer or our auto-electric services.

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Need a trusted expert that can take a look at your car's air conditioning system? Make Bangor Auto Services your number one choice today. Please note, we aim to respond to all email or form enquires within a 48-hour period. If your request is urgent, please give us a call on the number below.

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